Perth International Airport

Excursion highlights for the Perth International Airport. I will not elaborate as you can find all the details by following this link:


TISC Speaker

Staff from TISC are available to visit schools to discuss University Admission procedures, Calculation of the ATAR, preference systems, etc.

If you would like a TISC staff member to visit to speak to your Year 12 students, parents or teachers, please contact ROBYN (08-9318 8038). For country locations, TISC will take the initiative to invite other local schools to ‘plug into’ a common time/location to make the most of their visitation.

Perth Zoo (Excursion & Special Arrangements)

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Education Experience or Unassisted?
You may choose to include a 45 minute Education Experience with one of our experienced Education Officers or a unassisted (self-guided) experience. A range of resources are available for either option.

Special Programs
We also offer special programs for your class excursion throughout the year including live performances and craft activities. Details are available here.


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Would never have thought of it myself, but…. hey…. here it is! Follow the link from the picture.

DIY Workshops during class visits, Environmental program and many school sponsored events as well.

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Teachers Credit Union – Financial Literacy

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A few things on offer from the good people at Teachers Credit Union; FREE school visits (they have visited over 1,000 schools in three states this year). Website is rich in financial literacy tools both for Primary and Secondary schools.

As an aside, they are offering grants for Financial Literacy programs/initiates of up to $2,500 for WA schools. Applications valid from October 2010 through to February, 2011. Let us know if you apply and what the outcome was/is.

Click on the picture to go to the School Visits portion of their website.

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Small Business Development Corporation

For those involved in VET or the Year 10 Work Experience / Careers Programs – this will be a great site to keep an eye on.

The Small Business Development Corporation often run FREE evening workshops as an introduction to starting a small business and may be available to visit schools. There are a huge range of very cheap courses that focus on more specialist areas and is a great resource to have under your belt.

The list of workshops currently being run can be viewed at:

RAC – Heaps of FREE Stuff

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RAC run free DRIVER AWARE programs in schools but do require advance bookings. ALSO – They send out a free New Driver Pack. Click the picture to find out more.

They are running a FREE Seminar for new drivers and parents on the 1st November, 2010. Details below.

Keys for Life: A workshop for parents and young people.

This 60 minute workshop features:

  • Graduated driver training and licensing system
  • How to organise practice lessons
  • What to expect in the practical driving assessment

Monday 1 November 2010 at 6.00pm at the RAC Head Office (832 Wellington Street, West Perth. Next to Harbour Town)

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